Saturday, March 7, 2009


Bangkok Thailand is a city that never stops moving. It is active 24 hours daily with normal business and retail operations throughout the daylight hours, and at night, the wide ranging and exciting nightlife.

Much of the nightlife excitement is focused toward the fulfillment of sexual fantasies, at least in some areas of the city. Tourism in Thailand for many years was a place to go for a sexcapade. The government turned a blind eye toward much of the traffic in prostitution, seeing that it brought much needed income and financial stability into the country when tourists came.

Increasingly the presence of Western companies in the country for marketing, sales, technology and other economic boosts to Thailand will help to move the city and country onto a stronger economic base.

Bangkok Thailand is the cultural and historical center of Thailand. The houses of government are here as well as the educational center of the country. International corporations are to a large extent based in Bangkok.

Now, large hotel chains are placing units in the city. Western pastimes such as golf are available, with many world class golf courses attracting people to the city. Nearby beach resorts means a weekend or holiday at the beach is within the reach of any Westerner on a salary.

Technological knowledge and amenities are as available here in Bangkok Thailand as in any city in the US, perhaps even more than in some. Cell phones are common and so are computers. Access to the internet has changed the view of people everywhere more to a world view and less to strong nationalistic tendencies.

The cuisine in Bangkok Thailand is enough to keep you in larger size clothing for the duration of your stay. Because of the many nations which have had an influence over the country, many types of national foods are available, yet they are prepared with that special uniqueness of spices and cooking techniques that gives the finished product a special Thai quality. French cuisine and styles of cooking are very common. Of course, China, Japan and Burma have all left their mark on the gastronomic palate of the country. German foods are also readily available.

The strong influence of religion in the lives of the Thai people is apparent in the churches, temples and shrines which are common in Bangkok Thailand. One other feature of the city is the playing of the national anthem twice daily as a patriotic sign of respect for the country.